Softball Information

We are always welcoming new teams to join our leagues and tournaments. For more information contact our Softball Staff today!

Men's Slow Pitch Softball Structure

  • 12 Game Season (split into two 6 week halves)
  • $750/team (no membership required)
  • Divisions will be grouped into 6 teams each
  • Play each team in division once per half season and one divisional night (1v2, 3v4, 5v6)
  • Relegation and Promotion instituted after each half season
  • Winners of top division for each night (both first and second half) invited to double elimination Tournament of Champions (TOC) to be held August 24 & 25 at the end of season (no fee)
  • Optional single elimination tournament on same weekend for those who did not qualify for TOC ($50/team)

Men's Fast Pitch, Women's, 55+, and Coed Softball Structure

  • 10 game regular season + Double Elimination Tournament
  • $750/team (Slow Pitch), $850/team (Fast Pitch) (no membership required)
  • Double Elimination tournament starts week 11 and continues on regularly scheduled weeknights (no fee)

Thank you for your interest in our facility. We hope to see you soon!

Contact us at (616) 942-1330 or email us at